Singapore Learning Minds

Singapore Learning Mind provides dedicated trainers for children at their door step with our holistic programmes that is tailored made for different types of children with their individual learning style.
The website project was an information and contact website to inform and communicate with their target audience: Parents and Guardians.

Cmart Books

Cmart is a web software for Publishing, It helps automate creation, storage, transformation and sharing of multimedia products.

Mobile and Web School Management Application

This is a web and mobile software application for managing school activities like payment, attendance, reports and results, hostel, transportation, staffs, students, etc. It has a teachers interface, a student or parent/guardian interface and an Admin interface. It is a very robust application that can was built specifically with schools in mind.

Enterprise Software Application Homepage develops SAAS (software as a service) Web application for small and medium sized businesses. They needed a showcase website to display their wide range of products.

Project Management Application

This is a web based responsive enterprise application , custom made for our client above, they needed a central way to effectively manage their projcets, accounting, records (staffs, clients), sales and payment all on a platform, the result is a robust and custom made application software.

Client Manager Application

This web based application was developed by the Codesmithers Team to help us effectively manage our projects, sales ,leads, goals, accounting, and clients. It is a very robust application that has a wide range utility use, it helps us automate and manage process.